Booklet printing in Roodepoort

March 24, 2015 · Print This Article

Need to print booklets in Roodepoort or Wilgeheuwel? Booklets can be used for a number of things and Minuteman Press in Roodepoort can design and print top quality booklets for your company.

The use of the booklet 

A booklet is used for promotional purposes, but seldom used as much as the conventional brochure. This is due to the simple reason of cost. A single page pamphlet is generally cheaper than a multi-page booklet. However, when you need to incorporate a lot of information into one space, the best way to do this is through the booklet.

Where booklets are used 

Booklets are generally used the most in waiting rooms. Often you will find medical booklets within certain doctors’ rooms with information on various diseases or whatever the case may be. However, they can also be used for the following;

  • Product and service catalogues
  • Reference manuals
  • Manuals
  • Any application where detailed descriptions and durability are desired.

Use the best printing services

Teaming up with the right printing house is vital to the success and sustainability of your company booklets. Therefore team up with Minuteman press today. We have a multitude of various services to offer to you as well as an efficient and reliable team. Contact us today for more information.