Newsletters keep your clients in the loop

June 12, 2017

Keeping in regular contact with your customers is great marketing and public relations. Sending out newsletters is one way to ensure that you maintain good communication with your customers. Updating people on what’s happening in your business also makes your clients feel involved and more connected to your business: it helps you to increase and maintain awareness of your brand’s products and services.


What to include in a newsletter

Basically, a newsletter should include any information that you feel your customers should know about. This could be anything from changes in your company structure to product launch information. A newsletter is also a super way to promote different products and services that are on special or that you would like to increase sales of.


Keep it simple yet interesting 

A well-designed newsletter should be easy to read, not contain too much information and have an appropriate image per section. The design should be streamlined: like a newspaper front page, with large headings and a defined layout. Your newsletter should also be branded to tie in with your company’s logo, stationery and visual branding.


Digital or printed?

We live in a digital age where everyone has email. The problem is that emails are often deleted as soon as they hit a person’s inbox, especially if they are busy with work. If it is feasible, a printed newsletter has more longevity and gives a more personal touch. Customers are less likely to trash a printed newsletter and there is a better chance they will keep it to read when they have free time away from the computer.


Minuteman Press, Kyalami, offers design services of newsletters. If you have the text and images, we will help you to design and produce a newsletter template for your company that meets your objectives.


If you are looking for a printing company in Kyalami to handle all your printing requirements, from black-and-white copies to full-colour printing, we have the solution for you. Please get in touch with Minuteman Press Kyalami to get a printing quote.

Why not to DIY your own wedding invitations

May 12, 2017

If you’re recently engaged and are beginning to plan your wedding day, you’ve probably begun to realise that weddings are expensive affairs! There are many blogs and tutorials that explain to brides how they can cut their budget with a little DIY. You may be tempted to make your own wedding invitations and stationery… but unless you’re creative and have plenty of time it’s really not a good idea!

Here’s why to hire a professional for wedding invitations:


  • Planning a wedding is stressful enough

Do you have the time that it takes to design and then print and assemble dozens of invitations? Not to mention the menus and other table stationery for the big day? Wedding stationery design is not as easy as it seems. It is very labour intensive and you don’t want to create unnecessary stress for yourself if you run out of time.


  • The experts have the right tools for the job

From selections of gorgeous fonts and images that you probably don’t even know exist, to specialised die cutting tools… not to mention years of experience…. graphic designers have a far better set of skills and tools than you do when it comes to making beautiful wedding stationery.


  • It’s more cost-effective

A company such as Minuteman Press, Kyalami, that has extensive experience in wedding invitation design and print, will be able to offer you more cost-effective solutions for printing, trimming and finishing than if you tried to source things yourself. Plus, what if you try to replicate something you saw on Pinterest and it doesn’t come out right? You’ll be out-of-pocket and you still won’t have wedding invitations.


If you are looking for a printing company in Kyalami to handle all your printing requirements, from black-and-white copies to full-colour printing, we have the solution for you. Please get in touch with Minuteman Press Kyalami for a printing quote.

Our stationery services:

April 12, 2017

Minuteman Press offers a wide array of services from branded stationery to printing services to even taking care of your stationery needs. These days branded stationery is crucial for small businesses: it indicates that you pay attention to meticulous details; however, Minuteman Press presents more than just that!


Branding stationery:

If you have a small upcoming business, branding stationery is exactly what you need to maximise the exposure you need. The common things to brand are diaries, pens, notebooks and rulers. Branding your stationery gives your business a professional image, more importantly, your clients will have a constant reminder of your business by means of the branded stationery.


Other stationery needs:

At Minuteman press in Kyalami, we offer professional and unique products that suit your business. Apart from branded stationery, we also have standard stationery for the individual or corporate business. Even medical stationery is available: a doctor’s profession is very important, requiring only the best writing instruments to enhance their professional status. At Minuteman press in Kyalami you will find only the best stationery printing for medical professionals.


If you are looking for a printing company in Kyalami to handle all your printing requirements, Please get in touch with Minuteman Press Kyalami to get a printing quote.

Print invitations that stand out

March 12, 2017

Invitations play a critical part in setting the tone for your function. It is important therefore that you get the help of professional designers and printers at Minuteman Press Kyalami to design an invitation that inspires your invitees to attend.


Back in the day, invitation printing was de rigueur. Doyennes of etiquette such as Judith Martin, aka Miss Manners, would not hear of modern transgressions such as emailed invitations. Although we now live in a fast-paced electronic world, where such indiscretions are tolerated, printed invitations are an elegant throw-back to yesteryear. Not only do they stand out, but printed invitations also set the tone and depict the atmosphere of your event. A light-hearted, relaxed invitation will indicate that your guests should wear casual attire for a laid-back experience. A formal invite will cue your guests to plan accordingly.

Whether you are using black-and-white copies or opting for full-colour printing, remember that our graphic design service can assist you.

Tips when designing your invitation

  • Do not use abbreviations. Spell out the days of the week, months of the year, and the year. Also, spell out words such as “Road”, “Street” etc. This etiquette rule applies regardless of whether your invitation is formal or informal.
  • Do not use punctuation at the end of your sentences.
  • Hand out invitations eight weeks before your event. Allow one week to ten days for the RSVP response. Do not set the RSVP deadline so far in the future that your guests forget about it altogether.
  • Follow up. Despite your good manners, you will find about 25-30% of your invitees will fail to respond. A quick phone call is appropriate in such cases.

If you are looking for a printing company in Kyalami to handle all your printing requirements, from black-and-white copies to full-colour printing, we have the solution for you. Please get in touch with Minuteman Press Kyalami to get a printing quote.

Uses of letterheads:

February 12, 2017

A letterhead is a heading at the top of a sheet of paper: it indicates the company or document name. It displays the company’s professionalism on correspondence. Some businesses use personalised letterheads. Letterheads have several uses.


Personalised letterheads:

Personalised business letterheads show the professionalism of the business: it indicates a proficient corporate institution. You personalise your letterhead by placing the company’s name in the header or contact area – it indicates a more personal interaction with your clients on a professional level.


For assistance with your a personalised letterhead Minuteman Kyalami will be happy to assist you.


Usages of letterheads printing:

Letterheads are however not limited to only businesses there are a variety of methods to make use of letter heads whether you are a individual or a much smaller company. Letterheads can be used for minutes of meeting, tenders or notices, approval or legal notices and inter-departmental communication.


If you are looking for a printing company in Kyalami to handle all your printing requirements please get in touch with Minuteman Press Kyalami to get a printing quote.

4 steps to successful wedding invitations

January 12, 2017

Your big day is coming up and you want to share it with some of your closest family and friends. This beautiful day means the world to everyone – especially your loved ones. At the centre-point is the wedding invitation: that beautiful little letter that everyone is looking forward to. However, there are certain things one should consider when issuing your wedding invitations and we are here to help!

  • Style:

Every wedding invitation must have a beautiful style: it not only shows how exciting your day is going to be but also shows that the bride and groom added an extra dash of their love to the invitation. Your wedding invitation style should not be over the top and have too many bright colours. Keep it plain and simple: add neutral colors such as white or a peach color. It will set the mood of your wedding as well.

  • Load and clear:

Your message must echo your desire to share this wonderful day with the people you are inviting. When writing your wedding invitation, you should carefully consider and choose different words. Don’t use over the top words that will confuse people or that they don’t understand. Get to the point quickly while putting in the necessities.

  • Don’t waffle:

What people don’t like is reading a long invitation: they want something straight to the point without any waffling. Get to the point fast – don’t share your love story – simply mention the necessities. For example, share a snippet of your love story (it can consist of maybe 150 characters). Also, don’t forget to include a map to the venue: it should be printed in colour to ensure there is no confusion.

  • It’s your day!

Your guest should be your priority – don’t forget to share in the invitation that you would love to see and spend this beautiful day with them.

If you are looking for a printing company in Kyalami to handle all your printing requirements, from black-and-white copies to full-colour printing, we have the solution for you. Please get in touch with Minuteman Press Kyalami to get a printing quote.

Save time and money with self-inking stamps

December 12, 2016

There are so many helpful uses for self-inking stamps. They can save your business both time and money with so many design options available. They are convenient and easy to use. Here are some reasons why your business should invest in self-inking stamps.

  1. They can be used in any industry
    Teachers can use stamps to add a block for commenting on assignments. Pretty much any business can benefit from a generic “Paid” stamp (and, in fact, individuals can use them to stay on top of their bills each month). If you have a shop, you can quickly and easily add your logo and shop details to notes and price tags, turning anything into a business card.
  2. Self-inking stamps are clean to use
    Since the ink pad is contained inside the stamp itself, self-inking stamps do not require messy ink pads that can fall open and stain everything. When your stamp runs dry, you can just refill it.
  3. You can brand anything with your logo
    A self-inking stamp featuring your logo and contact details is a great way to brand anything from gift-wrap and tags, to envelopes, packing slips, and documents. And since they don’t require anything else to use them, you can just pop one in your work bag and use it on the go.
  4. Self-inking stamps save time
    Time is money, so taking a couple of seconds to use a stamp can help to keep your business efficient. When time is money, every second counts, so efficiency is a key component to success.

Want to get a range of self-inking stamps for all your business needs? Look no further than Minuteman Press in Kyalami! As a leading printing company in Kyalami, we cater for a wide range of business needs, including printing brochures and business cards, designing brochure and much more. Contact us to find out how we can be of assistance.

How to design a catalogue that sells your products

November 12, 2016

When investing in catalogue printing for your business, it’s important to take note of a few design hints and tips to ensure your catalogue is an effective one. Printing catalogues is still a fantastic way to show off your product offerings but a badly designed catalogue can spell disaster for your company. Not everyone is a graphic designer, but your potential customer will know when what they’re looking at just isn’t working aesthetically. Read on to find out more.

  • Make you your design matches your audience
    Whatever you are selling, make sure your catalogue design is something that will appeal to your potential buyer. For example, if you are a company that sells ride-on wheelchairs, you may want to ensure your text is large and very clear, since many elderly people use these wheelchairs and would have poor eyesight. Another example is a catalogue for toys. Your target audience may be children, but their parents are doing the buying. So you need to aim your catalogue at them. Include information parents like to know, such as the price of the toy, what size batteries it will require and what age-group it is for.
  • Design your catalogue around what product you’re selling
    If you are selling products like clothes, your customer will want to see what the item looks like from a number of angles. This means more images per product, and that means a larger catalogue. The last thing you want to do is squash in tiny text alongside images that are too small to see clearly. Products that require long descriptions such as industrial equipment (which usually need to be accompanied by a lot of technical specifications) also require large formats.
  • Always use good images
    Bad quality photos or images that do not show the product clearly simply look shoddy and unprofessional. It’s as simple as that. Make sure you shoot your products under a lot of light on a white background. The best thing to do is hire a professional to come and get the photos done once and for all. The investment will pay off in the long run.

Always ensure your printing is high quality and professional. If you’re in the Kyalami area, get in touch with us at Minuteman Press in Kyalami. As one of the leading printing companies in Kyalami, we have a wide range of services available, from printing brochures and catalogues, to designing flyers and much more. Contact us today to find out more.

How to market a new business through print advertising

October 12, 2016

Print advertising is a sure-fire way to kick start your new business and remains a powerful component of any advertising campaign. You have some of the best printing services in Kyalami at your fingertips, so here’s how to start on your marketing campaign:

1: Decide on your message

Think about the message you want to convey – the sole purpose of each individual print. What would you like the client to remember? Ensure that you are circulating your message in the specific area that it is appropriate to your audience.

2: Your logo, your brand

Make sure you use you latest company logo that is both relevant and visually appealing. Consider your colour scheme when using full colour printing. Colours are immediately associated with your brand and should complement your logo.

3: Size and scale

Decide on the size of your prints as this influences quality of the graphics or images required. You will need a different scale for each type of print, from small for business cards and letter heads, to medium for invitations and flyers, and large for posters and banners.

4: Visual art

Determine whether or not you will use graphics or photographs. As part of Minuteman Press South Africa, Minuteman Press in Kyalami offers professional graphic design services should you need them. Compare different fonts or typography. Make sure to check that all works are print-friendly and copyright-free. Consult our professionals if you are unsure.

5: Incorporate technology

Print advertising works even better if you include a call to action that can be linked to social media sites. Adding your website address or integrating a QR code can also serve as a call-to-action to generate interest in your business. Today’s print technology also extends beyond paper. Get creative and consider magnets, vinyl, glassware, or basically any inanimate object to expand your brand.

Contact us today to begin your print advertising campaign now.

Tips for designing letterheads

September 12, 2016

Your business needs to have a professional image. A well-designed letterhead helps to create that image. This can also enable the recipient take your letter more seriously. The letterheads will be a point of contact between you and with whom you are communicating with.  If you have a company, it could contribute towards the branding for new and current customers, employees and suppliers alike.

For a letterhead to be effective it should display all relevant contact details and clear contact name, or if the letterhead is from a company, it should include the logo and company name for branding purposes. It should also contain the physical address, its postal address.

Here are a few tips to consider before printing your letterheads

  • Invest in professional design services for a tailored letterhead design for your brand.
  • Choose the best paper and ink for creating a rich impression.
  • Before printing your letter head, be sure all the information is correct.
  • Make sure the colours on the letter correspond with the type of letter.
  • Only use colour if it is needed.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Make sure the content is highly readable.
  • Review the information on the letterhead.

While there are letterhead templates available, you are able to create letterheads that fit any purpose. Examples of letter heads include:

  • Complaints
  • Meeting set ups
  • Sales letter
  • Application letter
  • Formal letter
  • Reference letter
  • Business letter
  • Instruction letter
  • Endorsement letter

Minuteman Press Kyalami provides reasonably priced letterhead printing for small to medium and large enterprises and individuals. As a leading printing company in Kyalami that offers graphic design services and printing, you can be rest assured that your documents will have the personalized professional touch you have been looking for. Contact us to today for more information.

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