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June 14, 2017

At Minuteman Press, Menlyn, we have excellent printing services that suit your needs. They range from branding stationary, logo printing, brochure printing and much more. Your businesses’ marketing needs are now met with the help of Minuteman Press.  Below are just a few of the fantastic printing services we offer:


  • Brochure printing:

Does your business have a brochure? Do you need it to be printed on a regular basis? Well, tick that off your “to do list”! We have excellent printing facilities and we will make extra-sure your brochure is printed flawlessly. Brochures are a great way of marketing your business, services and products. They offer the opportunity to share valuable information with your clients or with potential clients.


  • Logo printing:

Do you want your business to be seen by the right people and attract more eyeballs? Well, now that’s possible! We offer great logo printing services. Logos for businesses are very important and at Minuteman Press, we understand that importance. We realise how important corporate identity is for all businesses – we will be sure to take care of yours.


  • Business cards:

To convey your contact details or to convey information in a short period, your best option is business cards. Minuteman Press, masters in printing business cards for your business.


Please get in touch with Minuteman Press, Menlyn, to get a printing quote.

Need Printing in A Hurry? Speak to Our Company in Menlyn

May 13, 2017

Once upon a time, in a land called Menlyn, there lived three lovely ladies. They did not know each other, until one fateful day when they all needed printing in a hurry. And so, our story begins.

Jocelyn and Her Business Cards

Jocelyn, a solopreneur, could best be described as ditzy. She ran a successful baby-bag business, but if her head was not attached to her body, she would surely lose it. Nothing motivated Jocelyn more than the last minute – and that includes her need for material to be printed before a Mum and Baby expo she was attending. Her banner and business card printing were left, as usual, to the last.

Lerato and Her Wedding Stationery

Lerato was so excited to be marrying the man of her dreams. A typical perfectionist, everything was prepared to the finest detail – the dresses, the wedding party dance, the speeches. However, some of her important guests had been giving her a hard time by changing their R.S.V.P. back and forth. This meant that Lerato was constantly re-arranging her seating chart. This one thorn in her side was causing her stress.

Susan and Her Work Documents 

Susan was a diligent young professional who thrived on praise from her superiors. She worked hard to get everything spot on. Soon she was given more and more responsibility. However, when it came to presentation folders and brochure printing, Susan had no idea where to start. She needed the guidance of a graphic design service.

Minuteman Press Menlyn, will Print in a Hurry

Jocelyn, Lerato and Susan all knew that the solution to their problems would be solved at their friendly Minuteman Press in Menlyn. By sheer coincidence, they were all there at the same time, clicked immediately and formed a bond that lasted long after the expo, the wedding and the presentation.

If you need professional printing at top-speed, look no further than Minuteman Press, Menlyn. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us or request an online quote today!

Order your personalised business postcards today!

April 13, 2017

Most times when people get a postcard, they receive generic cards which everyone else receives.  Instead of being predictable like everyone else, consider personalising your postcards with your own greeting, address, family photo or company logo and signatures. This will give your card that memorable touch.

Minuteman offers postcard printing services and custom card printing. Our graphic design services assist you in bringing your concept into fruition. You can choose from our in-house selected cards where you can personalise the front with a name, logo, or your own photograph.


As minor as it might seem, giving your employees personalised business postcards will go a long way in boosting their morale and sense of belonging. Generic cards make them seem like just another statistic, personalised cards on the other hand makes the employees realise they are ‘known by name.’


Custom card printing will make your business standout from other businesses, in the eye of your customers. At this time of the year they are likely to receive loads of postcards from other businesses like yours. Giving them personalised business postcards will make your company memorable. People will always remember, “that company which called me by name.”


If you are looking for a printing company in Menlyn to handle all your printing requirements, from black and white copies to full colour printing, we have the solution for you. Please get in touch with Minuteman Press Menlyn to get a printing quote.

Let the book speak, customers can judge your business by your booklets

March 13, 2017

Booklets are a small, thin book with paper covers, typically giving information on a subject. They are still being used as promotional and advertising tools today. Such booklets are effective because they are able to professionally present brands to a specified target market. Booklets are great for broadcasting information about not only the product but also the company.

Minuteman Press Menlyn offers affordable and professionally designed booklets that can be tailored for any purpose. This cost-effective product has gained popularity among South African businesses as an affordable option for their mass printing needs.


Let the book speak

There are many uses for booklets aside from marketing. Companies can use booklet templates to communicate personal proposals to customers. It can also serve as informative guides to your business or act as mini catalogues to showcase the best you offer. Companies also use it as customised notebooks for clients -it can also add a personal touch to marketing presentations.

Contrary to the old saying, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover,’ your customers will definitely judge your business based on the marketing material you present to them. Booklets let your customers into your world by getting them to know:

  • who you are,
  • what you stand for,
  • what you have on offer,
  • how you deliver your products and services,
  • where your products and services are available.


If you are looking for a printing company in Menlyn to handle all your printing requirements, from black-and-white copies to full-colour printing, we have the solution for you. Please get in touch with Minuteman Press Menlyn to get a printing quote.

How custom printed booklets can help your marketing

February 15, 2017

If you have a business and are looking to expand your marketing efforts, perhaps you should consider having booklets printed. Booklets have so many uses and the possibilities are endless. In this day and age of digitalisation, holding something tangible gives the extra edge. Printed booklets seem so much more special than an email or a web page: going the extra mile to have something designed and printed shows that you value the content. Here’s how booklets can help your marketing:


  1. Booklets are great for mini catalogues
    If your business sells products of any kind, having a catalogue is a must. Of course, you can list your products online, but if you’re seeing a client face-to-face, it is a lot more convenient for everyone involved to simply hand them a printed catalogue. You can even have specific catalogues printed for different product categories.
  2. Even the biggest companies are printing newsletters
    A company newsletter or “mini magazine” is a fantastic use for a booklet. Learn from the big companies, who regularly send printed booklets to their employees and customers. It needn’t be a huge, glossy magazine: something small and simple with the company’s latest news and achievements, a beautifully designed cover and some attention to detail can make a huge impact.
  3. Businesses are creating experiences for their customers
    Think about how many companies now have their own magazines. It’s hard to walk into a supermarket nowadays and not see a branded lifestyle or cooking magazine on the shelves. The idea is to create a positive experience for your customer. People are no longer interested in having advertising shoved down their throats, but rather want to gain something of value. Creating a booklet that your customer will find useful is a powerful marketing technique and will ensure your customer holds onto that branded content for an extended period.


Ready to harness the marketing power of booklets? Get yours printed at Minuteman Press Menlyn. We are specialists in designing and printing anything from business cards and brochures to banners and posters. Contact us for more information.

Why your business still needs self-inking stamps

January 15, 2017

There are so many reasons why you will need a self-inking stamp for your business in Menlyn although, in this day and age of digitalisation, it may not seem necessary to invest in good old-fashioned office stationery. However, it’s because of the digital age that printed paper is considered even more special. Here are reasons why your business needs self-inking stamps:


  1. Quickly add your logo
    You can have a custom-made self-inking stamp of your company’s logo and use it to stamp on anything to do with your business. Create some shabby-chic price tags with some craft board and your trusty stamp. You could even use it on postcards for a cost-effective compliment slip – there is so much you can do.
  2. Give yourself reminders
    Whether something is “Urgent” or “Paid”, a self-inking stamp will remind you that something needs your attention: when receiving mail, quickly stamp out the ones you need to tend to urgently with red ink and avoid double-paying a bill by stamping “Paid” on the paid bills. Just one (or more) less thing to worry about.
  3. Create a packing slip
    If you’re sending out a parcel you will need a packing slip inside with details of the contents. Keep things simple with a handwritten slip and a stamp with your company’s details on it. Even the biggest online stores include handwritten notes these days – it just seems more special and shows attention to detail.
  4. Add your return address to envelopes
    Printing out tons of custom envelopes that you may only use occasionally, isn’t cost-effective. Rather use brown or white envelopes and when sending something in the post, stamp your business address on the envelope – a self-inking stamp quickly and efficiently getting the job done.


Self-inking stamps are all about efficiency. Order your custom-made stamps from Minuteman Press in Menlyn. We have every service your business needs, printing business cards, presentation folders, flyers and much more. Contact us for more information.

Printed Newsletters: The Original Content Marketing

December 15, 2016

Content marketing

Businesses are abuzz about content marketing. While email marketing is all the rage at the moment, traditional newsletters have been sharing valuable, information-rich content with customers and prospects for years. At Minuteman Press in Menlyn, we print newsletters for organisations of all sizes.

Print is dead, long live print

Print newsletters continue to hold value as a content marketing tactic:

  • They are an effective compliment to online promotions,
  • They serve niche markets where print is a preferred format or perceived as more legitimate,
  • A professionally printed newsletter stands out to the recipient, unlike an online newsletter that can get lost in an overflowing inbox,
  • Print is tactile, providing a deeper visceral connection to the brand–a recent study by the Centre for Experimental Consumer Psychology at Bangor University concluded that “Physical objects produce more brain response connected with internal feelings, suggesting greater “internalisation” of the material”,
  • Print newsletters enjoy a longer shelf life, leading to more active engagement.

Newsletter niches

Generally speaking, printers come across one of four main types of newsletter:

  • Informational – can include content curated from outside sources, news items, and event information. They are always succinct.
  • Promotional – introduces a new product or service, event, or special promotion.
  • Educational – a problem is solved through teaching or explaining a solution.
  • Lead nurturing – designed to target a specific audience with meaningful content to increase sales leads.

Anatomy of a winning newsletter

To improve readability, break up your text with headings, sub-headings, lists and bullet points. Keep paragraphs as short as the average person’s attention span. Where relevant, add images to add interest and enhance your message’s meaning.

If you don’t already have one, craft – and adhere to – a branding guideline. From images, to writing voice, to choice of colours and fonts; all should be unified with your established branding. Doing so will highlight your brand when creating a newsletter.

To grab and hold the attention of your readers, tell them straight away what they will get out of reading your newsletter. Make it snappy, exciting, and clearly state the why, not the what.

Newsletters should be full of fresh content – information your readers can’t find anywhere else. Get creative! Some ways to achieve this:

  • expand on a prior article,
  • tell a story,
  • connect emotionally to establish an authentic bond with your audience by giving them little peeps behind the scenes.

For an all-round solution to your newsletter printing needs, contact us today.

The Kaleidoscope of Colour Copies

November 14, 2016

Those were the days… not

I remember taking a walk from school to the local library to look up information in Encyclopaedia Britannica for projects. The crowning glory on the project board was all the pictures I had lovingly cut out and glued (with glue – not “copy” and “paste”) after paying my 20 cents to photocopy – at the library – in black and white. How sad!


The world is so much more vibrant today. The only black and white images are intentional ones, and not the result of a lack of colour copies.


Colours abound

What joy to have such easy access to all the colours of the rainbow! But with great abundance comes great responsibility. Throughout the ages and all across the globe, various colours have been associated with various meanings. Colours are also known to influence people on a psychological level. Let’s take a look at what colours represent:



Positive emotions: love, energy, power, strength, passion.

Negative emotions: anger, danger, warning.

Christianity: blood, was, sacrifice.

Buddhism: wisdom, fortune, achievement.

Islam: often used in Muslim flags.

Judaism: blood, sin, life.

China: brides, good luck, celebration.

Cherokee: triumph, success.

India: purity.

Japan: life.



Positive emotions: courage, confidence, friendliness, success.

Negative emotions: ignorance, sluggishness.

Christianity: gluttony.

Buddhism: wisdom.

Judaism: dignity, glory.



Positive emotions: bright, energetic, creativity, intelligence, happiness.

Negative emotions: irresponsible, unstable.

Christianity: corruption, leprous.

Buddhism: freedom, stability.

Judaism: illness, frailty.

Asia: sacred, imperial.

China: royalty, nourishing.

Egypt: mourning.

Japan: courage.

India: merchants.



Positive emotions: money, growth, fertility, health, freshness.

Negative emotions: envy, jealousy, guilt.

Christianity: restoration, life, maturity.

Buddhism: vitality, harmony, balance.

Judaism: life, growth, disease.

Islam: paradise (when combined with gold).

China: health, prosperity, harmony.

Japan: life.

Ireland: symbol of the entire country.

USA: wealth.



Positive emotions: tranquillity, love, loyalty, security, trust, intelligence, masculinity.

Negative emotions: coldness, fear, masculinity.

Christianity: heaven, holy service.

Buddhism: kindness, compassion, peace.

Islam: protection.

Judaism: divinity, glory.

Hinduism: the colour of Krishna.

Cherokee: defeat, trouble.

Iran: mourning.

China: immortality



Positive emotions: royalty, nobility, spirituality, luxury, ambition.

Negative emotions: mystery, moodiness

Christianity: corruption of wealth, royalty.

Judaism: purification from sin.


With all these subtleties to keep in mind, let Minuteman Press in Menlyn provide you with a kaleidoscope of colour copy and printing services. Contact us today for a quote.

Why your company needs presentation folders

October 14, 2016

Why would your business require presentation folders? Everything seems to be digital nowadays, making printing anything on paper seem irrelevant and unnecessary. But if anything, the digital age has actually given printed items so much more value. People like to hold something in their hands. You can read a book online, but a beautiful hard-cover book will always seem so much more special. This is why you need to have presentation folders printed for your business. Read on to find out more.

  1. Folders are perfect for client meetings
    Meeting with a potential client? Leave behind your company information as well as a printed version of your presentation or sales pitch to ensure they have something to refer back to when making decisions. Present the information in the best way possible. This doesn’t mean printing it out and stapling it all together! Compiling the information together in a beautifully printed presentation folder with your company’s logo and corporate colours will act as the first impression for the information inside.
  2. Presentation folders show that you respect the information inside
    Whoever you are giving printed information to, it’s important that you show that information (and the recipient) respect. Presentation folders stop the papers inside from getting dog-eared and torn, so wrapping them the papers this way shows everyone that this information is important.
  3. Folders show that you care
    A potential client that receives a pile of papers with a staple in it is being shown that you and your business are run-of-the-mill, nothing special. Anyone can throw some papers together this way, but it takes a degree of professionalism and dedication to take the time to have proper presentation folders designed and printed.

Do you want to show that you and your Menlyn company are professional? Get in touch with us at Minuteman Press in Menlyn for presentation folder printing. Not only can we print your presentation folders, but we can also print your matching business cards, catalogues and brochures. Contact us to find out more information.

4 alternative ways to use brochures effectively

September 15, 2016

Many business owners know that brochures are an excellent form of disposable marketing that connects people to your business. They are constructed using a sheet of paper that is folded in either two or three sections. Here are some alternative uses for brochures that have become effective tools for marketing any business:

  1. Brochure InvitationsBrochures are the exciting alternative to regular invitations and you can include so much more information on them. This is because there are so many creative ways of displaying your event. Whether it’s a personal party or a corporate event, speak to your graphic designer about innovative invitation designs with full colour printing using brochures.
  2. Brochures CalendarsThere is no better way to display different aspects of your business than with a handy fold out calendar. This brochure would have six folds and gives you an opportunity to provide potential customers with a handy pocket calendar that will be with them throughout the year.
  3. Brochure Restaurant MenusWhen ordering take-away food, you will be hard pressed not to find a brochure menu at your local restaurants. That’s because restaurants have found that a simple brochure menu is an effective tool for keeping their dishes at the top of the minds of their customers. Some restaurants get creative and turn their menus into pocket brochures, which are easy to carry around, or simply add a magnet to the brochure – making the menu easy to pin to the fridge in any kitchen.
  4. Brochure OrigamiBrochure printing can become boring, so why not include the dotted trace of an origami pattern amongst your typography and images? This way when your customers are done reading they build a heart or fish or rocket. The thought will stay with them and so will your business.

    To find out more on how to print brochures for you or your business, contact Minuteman Press in Menlyn today. As part of Minuteman Press South Africa, we are one of the leading printing companies in Menlyn and can also provide you with black and white copies, full colour printing and a variety of graphic design services to find the perfect creative print solution for you.

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