Corporate envelope design and printing in Secunda

May 26, 2016 · Print This Article

In today’s business world, competition is fierce. Consequently, it is becoming more important than ever to ensure that your business stands out from the crowd. Corporate envelopes should not merely be viewed as stationery to contain your business documents and correspondence. Rather, they offer yet another opportunity to market your brand to current and potential customers and suppliers. At Minuteman Press Secunda, where we specialise in printing, designing and supplying an extensive array of business-related products, one of our areas of expertise is printing and designing envelopes.

Keep the following in mind when designing a corporate envelope

  • The size and shape of your envelope are important considerations. Why not try a larger envelope to gain attention, or use an unusual shape for something different?
  • When designing a corporate envelope, the colour and imagery used are essential elements. Bright colours certainly attract attention, as do creative graphics. However, remember to bear in mind your brand’s colour scheme and identity.
  • The texture of the paper used ought to be carefully considered, where quality paper with a luxurious finish goes a long way in demonstrating your brand’s image.
  • Corporate envelopes offer the occasion to converse with your customers and suppliers and so the copy you choose to incorporate is crucial. Your business’s particulars, such as your address ought to be included, but there is also opportunity to include aspects of your identity, such as any mission statements, mottos or current offers.

If you would like your corporate envelopes to reflect your brand’s unique identity, Minuteman Press Secunda, as part of Minuteman Press South Africa, is here to get the job done to your satisfaction. From designing, to printing, we do it all. For more information on our wide variety of products and services, including the production of letterheads, manuals, newsletters and postcards, or to get in touch regarding your corporate envelopes, contact us today.

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