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Book binding and finishing in Cape Town is a broad industry. While some companies offer everything from simple saddle stitching to thermal binding, others focus on providing specific binding solutions to the wider public.

To make sure you order the right type of binding and finishing, it’s important to research the different methods available. Here’s a quick overview of what the various binding methods entail:

  • Saddle stitch binding. This is a very common type of book binding and finishing method. Saddle stitch binding involves folding the pages of your document and then stapling the document together across the fold. This method works well for short manuals and event guides.
  • Paperback book binding. With paperback book binding, the binding company will use a thicker piece of paper for the cover, back and spine of the book. This is a cost-effective way of book binding and finishing but it doesn’t always protect the pages effectively.
  • Hardcover book binding. This binding method uses the same principle as the paperback method but the cover, back and spine of the book are protected by a thicker piece of cardboard. This is a more durable way to keep your book intact and it will also increase the re-sell value of your book.
  • Coil binding. This binding method consists of a continuous wire that is threaded throughout the length or width of the collection of papers. This binding method works well for children’s books.

Whichever binding method you choose – make sure it’s done by professionals. If you are printing a large number of books, you need to ensure consistency and high quality, regardless of the book binding and finishing method you choose.

Contact Minuteman Press Cape Town for all your binding and finishing needs.

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