Pietermaritzburg printers advise on how to create an effective manual

May 21, 2016 · Print This Article

When it comes to producing a manual, the primary objective is to ensure that you communicate the necessary information to your audience in an effective way. Whether this is technical instruction or information on corporate policies, a manual needs to be planned carefully in order to be a success.

As part of Minuteman Press South Africa, with over forty locations countrywide, Minuteman Press Pietermaritzburg specialises in designing and printing personal and business communication items, and one such area of our expertise is our experience in crafting manuals. From black and white copies to full-colour inserts and transparencies to custom designed index tabs and binders, we are here to meet all your manual printing needs.

Keep this in mind when drafting your manual

  • When creating a manual, bear in mind what your objective is. This objective needs to be communicated to your audience simply and effectively, and ought not to become overly complex or lengthy. Simply meet your objective without cluttering a manual with unnecessary material.
  • The audience reading your manual does not possess the knowledge that you do on the subject matter. Be sure to write for the layperson rather than the expert.
  • Ensure that your manual is easy to follow, where lists and step-by-step procedures augment the flow of information.
  • Include visual aids in your manual, as this assists with understanding and adds to the appeal of the information being conveyed.

If you are looking for the perfect partner to design and print your business manual, look no further than Minuteman Press Pietermaritzburg, where we promise to exceed your expectations. Our vast range of products and services, including corporate identity package items, such as envelopes and letterheads, and other promotional items, such as newsletters, postcards, flyers and posters is bound to meet your every communication need. For more information on our services, contact us at Minuteman Press Pietermaritzburg today.

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