Is there a difference between “rubber stamps” and “self-inking stamps”?

March 8, 2014 · Print This Article

Self-inking stamps (also known as rubber stamps) are one of those products that seems to have been with us forever, and looks like they are going to stay with us for the foreseeable future!

A self-inking stamp is a very useful piece of office equipment, not only for businesses, but also for the home office. It can fulfil a variety of repetitive functions that you would otherwise have to write out by hand. For example:

  1. Date-stamping invoices when you receive them.
  2. Authorisation or approval trails for legal documents, drawings, plans, etc.
  6. How can you have a copy of an original document certified as a true copy without stamping it?
  7. Have you ever dealt with suppliers or Government officials that will not accept a document without a “Company Stamp”?

Self-inking stamps don’t have to be boring:

  • At Minuteman Press Cresta you can order self-inking stamps in any colour as long as it is black, green, blue, red or purple……and any combination of these colours! That’s right, you can order multi-colour stamps, or single colour stamps.
  • You can order mini-stamps that easily fit in a pocket or briefcase.
  • You can order a pen/stamp combination, where the stamp fits into the back of a pen.
  • You can order very large hand stamps for stamping shopping bags, or where you have a large amount of information that is regularly required on envelopes, drawings, etc.
  • Do you know that you can buy UV ink stamps at Minuteman Press Cresta? Typically used for access control at functions.
  • Name labels on clothes……you don’t need to sew name labels on clothes….simply use a self-inking stamp with fabric ink.
  • Do you get glossy flyers from Head Office with a space where you can stamp your own details? But the stamped information always smudges, doesn’t it? What you need is a quick-drying stamp that won’t smudge….come to Minuteman Press Cresta!

And don’t forget that stamp mechanisms can be re-used. In other words, if your business address has changed, you don’t need to buy a whole new self-inking stamp – you simply bring your old stamp to Minuteman Press Cresta and we can replace the text plate and ink pad with your new details, and you don’t need to buy a new mechanism… save some money!

There are probably many other uses for self-inking stamps that we have not mentioned. So why don’t you contact us and give us some suggestions! How do you use self-inking stamps?

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