Tailored label and sticker printing will help you to grow your company

December 29, 2013 · Print This Article

Tailored label and sticker printing will help you to grow your company


It’s important for the success of your direct mail campaign that your packaging demands attention. Sticker and label printing from Port Elizabeth Newton Park Minuteman Press is a great option for helping you to achieve just that – without breaking the bank.

Custom designed stickers and labels will help your catalogues and marketing media stand out from the bills and junk mail that consumers regularly receive. At Minuteman Press, you can work with a sticker template to design your own stickers, chat to a designer for helpful insight or even bring in a full design that you have thought out yourself.

With their advanced printers, the friendly staff there can produce stickers of any size, shape, colour or design that your imagination can come up with, so don’t be afraid to really go bold. A good idea is to use your colours and logo as a base, so that you’re raising your brand’s awareness even before the envelope is opened. In fact, the recipient of the mail won’t be the only one your brand will reach this way, as it will be clearly visible to post office workers, delivery companies, handlers and the client’s friends and family.

Top quality stickers and labels at great prices

For marketing media that could be this effective, you’d expect to have to write out a significant cheque – but, with Minuteman Press, that just isn’t the case. With affordable printing services as well as free graphic design advice, you’d be hard-pressed to find a marketing medium this cost-effective. In addition, they’re happy to offer great discounts to anyone buying in bulk, so your mail order business is sure to benefit!

Enjoy the benefits of partnering with an industry leader. Contact Minuteman Press today for more information on sticker and label printing inPort Elizabeth Newton Park!


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