What are manuals and what makes them important?

June 24, 2016 · Print This Article

What exactly is a manual? A manual is a document, usually in book form, with instructions or information about a specific product or service. Operation manuals are a great benefit to any company, as in it will be valuable information on how the company should be run. In an operation manual you will find information such as the company’s mission statement, values and step-by-step guides to employee hiring as well as contact details and checklists.

This is why you need to print an operation manual

  • By printing an operation manual, you are setting a standard to your business. Keeping by that standard will ensure that your company runs smoothly.
  • Having an operation manual enables you to know how to hire new employees and how to train them, making it easier for them to become part of the business without having to know the company’s full history and all elements of the business.
  • In an operation manual you can state the policies of your business, thus making it easy when having to deal with return items and clients.

At Minuteman Press in Sandton, we understand that your business values are important to you, therefore we make it our business to supply you with the most efficient way of printing operation manuals.

There is no need that every employee must know the operation manual off by heart, but it is a convenient way of answering questions an employee has or if they want to know something. Minuteman Press in Sandton can print your manuals, making it one less thing for you as a business owner to worry about! To find out more about our printing services, please contact us today.

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