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Training on Customer Service (by Anneli)

Friday morning 19th of April Frances and I went to SEESA in Pretoria for Customer Service training.  We were welcomed warmly by our speaker Joyce Steyn.  She was a very inspiring trainer and she presented herself with so much pride and shared her passion for excellent customer service with more or less 50 trainees.

We learned a lot that day about the role that excellent customer service plays in the daily life of any business.  After tea we had a session on the importance of the way you present yourself at work that included your physical appearance on how you dress, do your hair and the jewelry you wear, this was followed by a posture and body language session.

We were introduced to Paul Rothmann (The TV presenter from Pasella) as we approached the conclusion of the day.  Frances was selected to do some role-playing as a customer and I was proud to say that she is a co-worker as she carried our name high.  We saw some videos and heard some mind blowing stories about excellent customer service.

The day came to an end and we had a ‘ceremony’ to hand out each trainee’s certificate.  We are looking forward to implement the knowledge we gained in our company.

What I learned about Customer Service (by Frances)

Anneli and I attended Customer Service training on 19 April.  I learned that the Customer is King and that the customer is the reason why I have work to do.  We are dependent on our customers, but they are not dependent on us.  I now understand the importance of Customer Service.

Here are a few points I have learned:

  • Everyone outside my store is a potential customer
  • I have to build trust and respect to win a new customer
  • I have to take pride in what I do and in the products and services I provide to any customer
  • I have to be real and faithful to my customers
  • I have to be an effective learner in what I do and in the way I handle a customer
  • I have to make sure my customer knows that he/she is important to me
  • I have to be a good listener to be able to hear what my customer wants.

What I want to implement:

  • Practice effective communication with all team members
  • I will commit not to go the extra mile, but to go all the way and to exceed customer’s expectations
  • Never over promise and under perform

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