What’s the benefit of using quality rubber stamps in the office?

April 18, 2014 · Print This Article

Stationary performs a very important and vital role in many Midrand offices on a daily basis and this includes making use of rubber stamps. Even though computers are playing a major role in businesses nowadays, rubber stamps are still a popular stationary that have a definite place in the office because of the benefits of its many uses in the various industries of South Africa.

And, if we’re honest, it was fun. Who amongst us did not enjoy picking up that stamp sitting so inviting on the desk, inking it and then, with a confident yet not too aggressive movement, smartly bring it down on whatever piece of paper needed to be stamped. And then they brought out those ‘self-inking’ rubber stamps. That was really great. That was technology!

But, then suddenly computers came into the picture, printers rudely snuck their way into every office and spoiled it for everyone. Or, so we thought…..

Luckily, not quite. Rubber stamps still have an important role to play in business. Rubber stamps offer any business a lot of benefits and have a variety of uses.

The many uses of rubber stamps in the 21st century

We’ve rounded up some popular uses for rubber stamps today:

  • Great value for your money: If, for instance, information on your business cards or other official pre-printed documents have to be changed, instead of throwing away all the old cards and/or documents, just have a company like Minuteman Press Midrand make a rubber stamp with the new company information.
  • Make money while saving money: A great way of making potential customers aware of current or coming specials is to stamp the information on the back of your business card. Customers are always on the look-out to find the most convenience and what are more convenient than having the latest specials on the back of your business card? Less stationary used and more information can be given this way.
  • Spend your time far more productively: It might not sound like much, but if you have a large amount of paperwork that needs to be marked in the same way (COPY; APPROVED; etc.) you’ll be amazed at how much time you can save by using a rubber stamp instead of having to write it out or communicate it verbally every time. Therefore, custom designed signature rubber stamps are gaining popularity, especially under educators where a lot of marking takes place.

To get more information on the best type of rubber stamps to invest in, contact Minuteman Press in Midrand today.

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