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Printing Services in Claremont

Minuteman Press Claremont is your local printing and copying centre. We are locally based in Claremont and service the communities of Claremont. We specialize in full colour printing and copying services as well as graphic design and finishing services. We can also produce high quality colour copies and digital prints. And don't forget to ask about our mailing and direct mail marketing capabilities.

Some of our more popular printed products include: brochures, business cards, envelopes, flyers, invitations, labels, letterheads, newsletters, postcards, and presentation folders. Call today for a free quote or request a quote online!

Local News from Claremont, Western Cape

4 steps to successful wedding invitations

Your big day is coming up and you want to share it with some of your closest family and friends. This beautiful day means the world to everyone - especially your loved ones. At the centre-point is the wedding invitation: that beautiful little letter that everyone is looking forward to. However, there are certain things one should consider when issuing your wedding invitations and we are here to help!

Why postcards are still a great idea

In an age of social media and instant text messages, its hard to see why printing postcards is still a good idea. But postcards have been given a new life in this modern era. Postcards are no longer the choice of travellers wanting to share their experiences on a small piece of paper theyre now a great way to advertise your business.

Save time and money with self-inking stamps

There are so many helpful uses for self-inking stamps. They can save your business both time and money with so many design options available. They are convenient and easy to use. Here are some reasons why your business should invest in self-inking stamps.

8 binding options for your printed manual

Manuals are a key form of print communication for any product in your business. A well designed instruction manual enables hassle-free use of your product and can make a huge difference in turning customer complaints into compliments. With that being said, once you have designed your ideal manual, you would want to make sure it stays bound in one piece so that it can be used again. The type of binding is selected based on the function of the manual. Here are eight useful methods of binding to suit to consider before printing your manual:

How to Save on Printing and Copying Costs

There is no denying as much as printing and copying is part of the daily operations, it can get expensive to continuously use all that paper and ink. Any successful business owner knows that. Not to mention, the space and storage of printed documents is also limited. At Minuteman Press Claremont we believe in providing our clients with sustainable printing solutions for your business, so we want to share nine practical tips for saving costs in printing and copying:

How to make your wedding stationery exceptional

The best way to kick off the countdown to the wedding day is, for many couples, having the right wedding stationery. It is common to come across a wide variety of designs that can at times leave you overwhelmed but still undecided on which ones to choose for the wedding. At Minuteman Press in Claremont, we do our best to help you select designs that will attract your guests and match your personality as a couple. If you are still undecided on the wedding invitation design to select, here are some tips to help you make the decision faster.

Using booklets when promoting a business

Making use of booklets as a form of business marketing lets potential clients read about your brand and offering. Booklets can include all sorts of valuable information such as graphs, pictures of products and articles about the service or product you have to offer.

Get the best office stationary in Claremont

You need these branded business stationery items for your Claremont business

Use colour in your prints, advises Claremont printers

Using colour in design has a huge impact on your companys marketing strategy. Colour is vibrant and exciting; it stirs emotions, good and bad. Certain colours speak to some people whilst others may turn a blind eye. Colour sends out specific messages from yellow - joyful and happy - to blue - conservative and understanding.

Improve efficiency with self-inking stamps in Claremont

Using self-inking stamps is a sure way of increasing efficiency in your day-to-day business activities. They serve to provide important or necessary information instantly. Minuteman Press in Claremont produce self-inking stamps of numerous sizes, formats and types.

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