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Dos and donts for Colour printing for your business

If you are printing colour copies for your business you are able to reach more clients using expert, first-class materials. The list of print media that comes to life with colour is practically infinite. From brochures to letterheads, posters to personalised stationery, colour copies add that extra special touch to an otherwise boring page. Using colour makes print media more eye-catching or attractive, and provides clients and employees with a dynamic display, enabling a lasting imprint and successful communication of your business goals.

Self Inking Stamps: A Good Way for Conference Organizers to Impress Clients

Conferences are considered to be one of the best ways for business professionals to meet and network. Even so, these conferences tend to be the same with many of the ideas copy pasted from similar events. For an event organizer, this monotony can be frustrating for clients resulting in the need to think outside the box. At Minuteman Press in Strijdom Park, Randburg we have a solution for you, self-inking stamps! These stamps can be customized to match your client needs so that their material stands out among attendees resulting in a successful event.

The print catalogue

Welcome to the world of catalogues. Your very own dictionary of the services and products your company offers. A beautifully designed and completed catalogue is a powerful marketing tool and can have fantastic effects on growing your business, expanding your company portfolio and client base. Imagine a book that reveals your companys hidden treasures and services!

Why you need self-inking stamps

What exactly are self-inking stamps? Self-inking stamps are water based, economically affordable and leave a good impression. They have an inner working mechanism whereby the stamp holds the inkpad within the stamp itself. The rubber pad flips up and hits the inkpad then flips down again with a simple press and the impression is done - quick, easy and efficient!

The top must-have stationery items for your Strijdom Park company

Any business in Strijdom Park needs to have branded business stationery items to advertise and market the company. Office stationery doesnt just refer to your pens, rulers, staplers that can, and should, be branded. It also refers to printed items or documents that are used by the company on a daily and on-going basis.

Designing an effective letterhead for your Strijdom Park, Randburg business Tips from experts

A well-designed letterhead can make all the difference in ensuring the success of your corporate branding. Letterheads certainly offer a marketing opportunity to businesses and if yours isnt grabbing the attention of your existing and potential customers, youre doing it wrong! To get the most out of your letterhead and corporate branding design, you will need to ensure that you take a few tips into consideration. Informative and eye-catching letterheads that are effective can be designed by following these expert tips:

Make use of branding office stationery

An office is not functional without stationery. It is part of the daily functions of any business. Whether you own a large corporation or a small office, your employees as well as customers will come in contact with your stationery on a daily basis.

The top five tips for fabulous wedding invitations

Sending out wedding invitations, choosing bridesmaids, tasting cakes the run-up to a wedding can be euphoric. Any bride will tell you that planning and pruning for her wedding day is one of the most momentous phases of her life, but it is also one of the most stressful. Taking the stress out of at least one aspect of the frenzied planning and ordering can make this special pre-wedding time so much better. The invitations are one aspect of a wedding where you can really let your hair down without much backlash. Be bold, be daring. Play with size, shape and texture.

What does your professional office stationery start up combo Include?

If you are considering printing professional office stationery for your start-up business, you need to get an answer to that question first. Your printer should tell you before you seal a deal. You should not entrust the job of creating your office stationery to just anyone and furthermore, when you do, you need to know what to expect from the company who shall be providing it for you. For example, it is superfluous for you to give the job to a printing company who doesnt provide business cards and this is your main need from the stationery. Therefore, allow Minuteman Press to tell you a bit more about what office stationery we can provide you with.

How to make End-Year Event Invitations Stand out

Getting a full -house event going on is a challenge at the end of the year. Planners tend to compete with otherevent invitationsincludingcompetitors, fundraisers, vacations and family events which all seem to happen at the end of the year.

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