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Catalogues are used by businesses to showcase their products, sales and services. Many businesses enjoy using catalogues: they offer a convenient format in which you can present your brand information in a visually appealing way. However, to do this you must consider the following:

  • Pay close attention to the cover:

Create a cover that attracts the eye of the potential customers or clients. The three elements that must be on the cover are an image that stands out, the company’s logo and a slogan that captivates the reader.

  • Choose the right font and font size:

Choosing the perfect font is crucial it sets the mood for your message to be conveyed in an appropriate way. Comic Sans, for example, is not an appropriate font for a doctor’s surgery brochure. Make sure your font is easy to read and use different sizes to highlight the importance of the information.

  • Choose a suitable fold

Commonly there are two types of catalogue folds: A Z-fold and a trifold. When a lot of information is presented, the Z-fold is used. Only one panel at a time is displayed and this assists the reader from being blasted with too much information. A trifold layout is for catalogues with less information.

  • Choosing the right color:

Colors play a crucial role in a catalogue – it sets the mood for your message. If your business or service is fun and exciting use bright colors. Neutral colors are better suited for a more serious business.

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