4 alternative ways to use brochures effectively

September 15, 2016 · Print This Article

Many business owners know that brochures are an excellent form of disposable marketing that connects people to your business. They are constructed using a sheet of paper that is folded in either two or three sections. Here are some alternative uses for brochures that have become effective tools for marketing any business:

  1. Brochure InvitationsBrochures are the exciting alternative to regular invitations and you can include so much more information on them. This is because there are so many creative ways of displaying your event. Whether it’s a personal party or a corporate event, speak to your graphic designer about innovative invitation designs with full colour printing using brochures.
  2. Brochures CalendarsThere is no better way to display different aspects of your business than with a handy fold out calendar. This brochure would have six folds and gives you an opportunity to provide potential customers with a handy pocket calendar that will be with them throughout the year.
  3. Brochure Restaurant MenusWhen ordering take-away food, you will be hard pressed not to find a brochure menu at your local restaurants. That’s because restaurants have found that a simple brochure menu is an effective tool for keeping their dishes at the top of the minds of their customers. Some restaurants get creative and turn their menus into pocket brochures, which are easy to carry around, or simply add a magnet to the brochure – making the menu easy to pin to the fridge in any kitchen.
  4. Brochure OrigamiBrochure printing can become boring, so why not include the dotted trace of an origami pattern amongst your typography and images? This way when your customers are done reading they build a heart or fish or rocket. The thought will stay with them and so will your business.

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