4 steps to successful wedding invitations

February 25, 2017 · Print This Article

Your big day is coming up and you want to share it with some of your closest family and friends. This beautiful day means the world to everyone – especially your loved ones. At the centre-point is the wedding invitation: that beautiful little letter that everyone is looking forward to. However, there are certain things one should consider when issuing your wedding invitations and we are here to help!


  • Style:

Every wedding invitation must have a beautiful style: it not only shows how exciting your day is going to be but also shows that the bride and groom added an extra dash of their love to the invitation. Your wedding invitation style should not be over the top and have too many bright colours. Keep it plain and simple: add neutral colors such as white or a peach color. It will set the mood of your wedding as well.


  • Load and clear:

Your message must echo your desire to share this wonderful day with the people you are inviting. When writing your wedding invitation, you should carefully consider and choose different words. Don’t use over the top words that will confuse people or that they don’t understand. Get to the point quickly while putting in the necessities.


  • Don’t waffle:

What people don’t like is reading a long invitation:  they want something straight to the point without any waffling. Get to the point fast – don’t share your love story –simply mention the necessities. For example, share a snippet of your love story (it can consist of maybe 150 characters). Also, don’t forget to include a map to the venue: it should be printed in colour to ensure there is no confusion.


  • It’s your day!

Your guest should be your priority – don’t forget to share in the invitation that you would love to see and spend this beautiful day with them.


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