5 creative ideas for large format printing

October 21, 2016 · Print This Article

Big ideas need big printing. Large format printing means anything is possible. Take a look around at the blank walls, open spaces or wide windows. This is your canvas. With graphic design services and state-of-the art techniques that are available at this printing company in Randburg, why not try to get creative with your print advertising?

Brand your walls

Large format printing makes personalised scenes and patterns that are tailored to your brand possible. Confusing office/store layouts? Consider including directional signage on your walls that incorporate your brand personality.

Add Light

Use light boxes to create a memorable advert that really catches your eye in a dimly lit hall or darkened corner. Lightweight fabric light boxes are also handy for portable advertising displays.

Step Outside

Gone are the days where printing for outdoor advertising could only be done by the few and the elite. Our large format printers give any businessman the ability to create adverts that can weather any storm. So keep an eye out for those outdoor blank spaces that could be put to good use.

Wrap Your Vehicle

Why not try printing on adhesive vinyl, which can be used to transform your vehicle into a mobile billboard? Your company fleet now becomes an effective advertising machine.

Cool Cut Outs

With no limit to size you can create a cut out that makes your clients look twice. Anything is possible, from photo quality cut outs to foam fingers.

Printing – Bigger and better

Minuteman Press in Randburg prints at any size, from business cards to banners! As one of the best printing companies in Randburg with a great graphic design team, we pride ourselves on expert advice, individual attention and quality of work, so you can be assured that your business print advertising is in safe hands – no matter what the size.

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