5 elements of a well-designed brochure

February 22, 2017 · Print This Article

If you’re going to invest in a printed brochure – an extremely powerful marketing tool – you need to do it properly. A badly printed, (or even worse a badly designed) brochure will do more harm than if you didn’t get one printed at all. Every well-designed brochure has five elements that need to be executed well. Here they are:


  1. A layout that’s pleasing to the eye
    A brochure that is a big, jumbled mess of colours and images will not attract the right attention. The layout of your brochure is extremely important, so be sure to use a skilled designer to do it. It should be tasteful, whilst highlighting the most important information.
  2. High-quality images
    Blurry, low-quality images look terrible and show a lack of attention to detail. Ensure you always use images that are 300dpi for printing.
  3. Helpful information (but not too much)
    Nobody likes to be given a wall of text to read, so keep your copy to the essentials. A good copywriter will be able to get your information across effectively. Ensure you have perfect grammar and sentence structure.
  4. Contact information
    Your brochure must have all your contact details. If you have a shop or showroom, a map to your location is a good idea. Be sure to include phone numbers, email addresses and web addresses. If you have the space, a QR code that links straight to your website is a good idea, since brochures tend to get thrown out quite fast.
  5. Your corporate identity
    Always make sure your brochure is designed with your company’s image in mind. The overall look of the brochure is going to send a message as soon as your potential customer picks it up, so ensure that message is one that aligns with your business. Ensure that your brochure impacts with the best possible first impression by utilising colour psychology and creative folds.


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