6 ways to use custom-printed booklets

December 5, 2016 · Print This Article

Are you looking for a printing company in Centurion CBD that can print and bind custom booklets for you or your business? There are so many ways you can use a service like this. Booklets have endless uses, both creative and professional. Here are six of the many uses for custom-printed booklets.

  1. Product catalogues
    Brochures can only display so many products and information. Why limit yourself? Show off your entire product range with a beautifully printed booklet showcasing everything your company has to offer.
  2. Training manuals
    Need to train your staff? Perhaps you’re presenting a course? Having your material put together in a neat booklet makes it easier for your learners to keep their notes on hand and make for the perfect manual to refer back to should the need arise.
  3. Hymn books
    If you are the leader of a religious facility you may have some sort of hymns that you and your congregation sing regularly. Ensure your new members don’t feel left out by offering them a hymn book with the lyrics to all of your songs.
  4. Event guide
    If you’re hosting or organising some sort of event on a large scale, it’s a good idea to give attendees a booklet containing vital information on the conference or event. This info could include where to find emergency assistance, accommodation in the area, an itinerary, as well as attractions not to be missed.
  5. Recipe books for the family
    Perhaps you have a collection of family recipes that you have collected over the years. Why not share them with everyone else by having them made into a mini recipe book? It makes for a lovely gift and is certainly an excellent keep-sake.
  6. Company magazine
    Large companies are sure to have plenty of news to distribute to their employees. In this age of digital everything, it’s good to have something tangible to hold. Many huge corporate companies still send out a proper company newsletter in the form of a printed booklet.

If you’re ready to get your professionally-printed booklets, look no further than Minuteman Press in Centurion CBD. We offer a wide range of printing solutions, including business cards, catalogues, and much more. In addition, we also offer graphic design services to make booklet printing even easier. Contact us to find out more information today.

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