Why do Successful People Choose to Wear the Same Thing Every Day?

April 26, 2018 · Print This Article

Somerset West and the Helderberg Basin are home to a grand mix of wine farms, top-notch restaurants, majestic golf estates, and adrenaline-inducing adventure activities.

Have you ever noticed that really successful people tend to look the same every day? Whether it’s Steve Jobs and his signature black polo neck jersey and jeans, or a CEO with a crisp white collared shirt and tailored black skirt, one often sees successful people (who can undoubtedly afford to spend a lot of money on trends and fashion) in the same outfit every day. What’s the reasoning behind a minimalist wardrobe?

  • Minimise the risk of decision fatigue

Decision fatigue, where your critical thinking skills wear down if you make a lot of decisions throughout the day, is very real. If you are ‘the decider’ in a business, then it’s a good idea to consider things that you can streamline to keep your decision-making abilities focused on the things that really matter. Things like clothes, snacks or the route you take to work, for example, are just examples of things that you must decide on during the course of a normal day, but that can be eliminated from the burden of your day-to-day decision-making.

  • Always feeling comfortable in your clothes

While it’s fun to play around with colours, styles and trends, it’s possible that the latest fashion not only doesn’t compliment your body type that well, but also that you feel a bit uncomfortable in the clothing. When you stick to a few items that you know suit your body and make you feel well put together, then you know that you can go about your daily tasks without worrying about clothes that don’t fit or look right.

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