Do you Stuff Away Those Business Cards after an Event?

August 6, 2018 · Print This Article

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So, you have just held an even. It could be a conference, exhibition, client meeting or other networking events. Do you stuff away from the many business cards that you have received? Some people you meet will immediately be categorised as potential business contacts. But what about all the industry contacts that you just know you won’t be doing business with soon?

Instead of leaving all these business cards in your car or stuffing them into a desk drawer, use this as a golden opportunity to start building your network. Here are some things you can do to help you make the most of this opportunity:

  • Search for their name on Google

A business card doesn’t really give you a lot of information. You may be surprised to discover that the person who came across as “average” is actually a well-respected person in the industry. Do a quick Google search to find out what’s being written about the person before you decide to discard the business card.

  • Try a LinkedIn Search

LinkedIn is a great place to do a bit of research on a person. Here you can get a neat overview of someone’s work history and experience, where they studied, who their contacts in the industry are and what type of skills they are endorsed for by their peers.

  • Create a database and do a follow-up

It’s tough to keep track of names and contacts. So, make sure you are capturing the information digitally. Also, be sure to reach out via email if it’s someone that you want to connect with in the future.

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