Essential Equipment for Security Guards

August 27, 2018 · Print This Article

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There is hardly a place of business where you can’t find security guards. They are a prominent feature even in residential complexes and homes. Owners often prioritise their investments in hiring security guards to protect themselves, their staff and their families.

If you employ security guards, then you will need to make sure that they have the right equipment for the job. Here’s a brief overview of what they will need:

  • Branded Uniforms

Branded uniforms will help the staff and residents identify security guards. Not only will this help them spot any unauthorised people on the property, but it will also show them who they can turn to if they need help. The uniforms should be comfortable and have the word ‘security’ on them, as well as a logo if needed.

  • Appropriate footwear

Security guards are on their feet for many hours of the day. You need to make sure that they are wearing comfortable footwear, which means quality shoes. If security guards are required on construction sites, then you may also have to invest in protective safety boots to protect them from safety hazards and dangers.

  • The Right Tools

The type of work that the security guard does will impact the equipment and tools that you need to invest in. If they are working night shifts, then you will need a flash light. You may also consider a belt that can hold a flash light, pen, whistle or other items that they will have to have on hand.

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