Is A Business Card Still Relevant In The Digital Age?

December 6, 2018 · Print This Article

How relevant is a business card in this digital age where a few clicks on the world-wide-web can provide you with someone’s contact details ‘just like that’? Some would argue that the business card is indeed obsolete. But nothing could be further than the truth. Here are some reasons why the business card is in fact here to stay:

  • An Essential Item Of Corporate Etiquette

Whether you’re at an industry conference, an exhibition or a client meeting, exchanging business cards is seen as a formality. Whether you think this is an outdated approach to business meetings or not, the fact remains that you or your employees may seem a bit out of place if you don’t have a business card to exchange.

  • Outshine Your Competition

There are undoubtedly competitors in your industry who offer similar products or services to yours. What makes your business different? You can use your business cards to differentiate your company from your competitors. Make sure your corporate culture and unique selling proposition shine through in the design of your business cards.

  • Be Remembered

Many people go to meetings and events, meet new people, and within a few short hours, they have already forgotten the person’s name. Make sure that potential clients are still able to contact you by handing out a business card. This will make it much easier for a forgetful network contact to recall your name and send you an email.

  • Make Your Information Easily Accessible For Research

During a networking event, some people are not comfortable getting to know new people or asking them about their business. A business card with your full name and company website can make it easy for people to research you in their own time.

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