Calendar Printing Remains a Favourite of Many

December 6, 2018 · Print This Article

There is no denying that the calendar has proven its mettle by withstanding the onslaught of the technology that threatens to render it archaic. Now that people have new ways of communication, scheduling meetings and planning events using digital calendars, one would have thought there is no place for printed calendars anymore. But, far from that, many businesses still invest in the good old-fashioned printed calendar.

Even with smartphones, apps and calendars that synch with our e-mail contacts, we still tend to stick to what works. The most effective digital tools can’t replace the printed calendar. SIMPLy, because it’s how people choose to mentally and logistically plan their days.

If you are a business looking for a high-impact, affordable and long-lasting way to market your brand, then consider a printed calendar. Minuteman Press in Kyalami is a printing company that specialises in promotional calendar printing. Whether you are looking for a wall-mounted calendar, diaries or another type of calendar, we can help you design and print the calendars.

When compared to other promotional items such as brochures, flyers or pens that are designed to expire after short periods of time, promotional calendars serve as a promotional tool for the entire year. You can also choose to include photos of some of your top products as part of the design.

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