A variety of envelopes to suit your business needs

June 30, 2017 · Print This Article

Whatever kind of business you’re in, envelopes of different types, colours and sizes are a standard requirement. Minuteman Press, Woodmead, stocks all popular envelopes used by South African businesses, and offers customised envelope design services and printing:


  • Commercial envelopes

Envelopes for business commonly come in a variety of standard dimensions and sizes. Commercial envelopes are unprinted and are usually either plain white or manila (buff) in colour. Commercial envelopes can be purchased with a transparent address window, which allows for the address to be printed with the envelope’s contents instead of written or printed on the envelope itself.


  • Document envelopes

Envelopes for sending documents, books, catalogues and manuscripts are typically large to ensure that contents do not need to be folded.


  • Padded envelopes

When there is a requirement to deliver fragile items that are not bulky and do not require a box, envelopes padded with bubble wrap are the perfect solution.


  • Speciality envelopes

Some envelope styles have been designed for specific commercial purposes. These may include envelopes with windows in non-standard placements, envelopes with dimensions to suit industry requirements, or ready printed envelopes for a specific purpose, e.g. wage packet envelopes.


  • Custom printed envelopes

For added professionalism, your business can order envelopes printed with your company’s logo and designed to match your visual identity. Customised envelopes are usually printed on high-quality stock.


If you are looking for a printing company in Woodmead to handle all your printing requirements, from black-and-white copies to full-colour printing, we have the solution for you. Please get in touch with Minuteman Press Woodmead to get a printing quote.