About self-inking stamps

July 26, 2016 · Print This Article

Self-inking stamps are water based, economically affordable and leave a good impression.

They have an inner working mechanism whereby the stamp holds the ink pad within the stamp itself. The rubber pad flips up and hits the ink pad then flips down again with a simple press and the impression is done. Quick, easy and more efficient.

Why self-inking stamps are a better option for you

  1. Great for high volume stamping needs.
  1. Easy and effective results.
  1. Company logo design can be used to increase awareness to customers.
  1. Customise stamps to meet your needs.
  1. Self-inking stamps can be refilled.
  1. Promote efficiency and productivity in the work place.
  1. One unit, so you won’t lose the ink pad causing your stamp to become unusable.

Self-inking stamps are a great alternative to the old school stamp and ink pad. It is worth your time in speaking to representative and Minuteman Press Somerset West for more information on your self-inking stamp design.

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