Advantages of using booklets for business marketing in Rivonia

July 23, 2016 · Print This Article

Booklets are one of the marketing tools that seem to be exiting the stage when it comes to marketing for business. However, some companies still appreciate the power that booklets wield in marketing and are continue to print them for advertising purposes. At Minuteman Press in Rivonia, we believe that booklets are here to stay and advise business owners to invest in booklet printing for the success of their companies.

If you are still undecided on whether to include printing of booklets in your marketing budget, here are some reasons to help you make the final decision.

  • They hold lot of information. When designing a booklet for marketing, you have enough space to place all the information that you need a potential client to know about your business in more than one package. Some communication materials to include are promotion details, contact details, product descriptions and even samples that they can try out later on.
  • They are multipurpose. Booklets can be used for marketing in different ways and still deliver the same great results. You can decide to print them for a specific event or on a regular basis and hand them out as need be. Also, the information material placed in them can be as simple as contact information for a business or a marketing report to be handed out at a meeting.
  • They are more affordable. When compared with a number of traditional marketing tools still in use, booklets are by far the cheapest considering the amount of information they carry. Also, the advances in technology has made their designing and printing much faster and less costly especially if you always order a large number from your printer.

Minuteman Press in Rivonia offers booklet design and printing services

To get professional services when it comes to printing booklets for your business in Rivonia, talk to us at Minuteman Press. We are able to handle large orders and also help you select other useful products that are part of our stock such as business cards, brochures and catalogues among others.

Contact us at Minuteman Press today, to get advice or chat with our design and printing team about your order.

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