Affordable full colour envelope printing in Sandton

October 21, 2013 · Print This Article

Up till now, doing affordable full colour envelope printing in Sandton has been almost impossible. If you were lucky enough to find a printer willing and able to tackle the job, they were so exorbitantly expensive that you’ve either decided to stick with good old (albeit boring) black ink, or gone off the idea of envelope printing completely.

The good people at Minuteman Press, however, decided that giving up on colour printing was just not good enough – and with their state-of-the-art equipment, they found a way to make it not only affordable, but accessible to everyone.

But why has it always been so hard? What was it about colour printing on envelopes that was so different from black ink that it justified the huge gap in costs?

Well, firstly, in the past, to print a colour image on an envelope, the process was intricate and, as a result, laborious and expensive. It required that every colour (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) be printed separately. This, of course, meant that it involved not only four times the work, but also took four times as long as printing in plain black ink.

Because this process took so long and there was so much work involved, to justify the costs printers had to insist on huge volumes for it to make financial sense. This necessary adherence to such large volumes also made it an option that was just too expensive for many businesses.

Now, because Minuteman Press has invested in cutting-edge technology, the process has been considerably simplified, meaning that much smaller volumes can be easily accommodated. This is great news – especially for small-to-medium sized enterprises that can’t always afford or need such large volumes.

Better still, Minuteman Press’s design team know exactly what works best and can either help you create a design or give great pointers if you would like to design the image yourself.

So, for affordable and speedy colour envelope printing in Sandton, don’t hesitate to contact Minuteman Press Sandton.

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