Affordable, high-quality printing services

June 27, 2017 · Print This Article

From black-and-white photocopies to calendars and corporate stationery, convenient and affordable printing services will always be in high demand. Minuteman Press, Sunninghill; in conjunction with our sister branch in Sunninghill; offers an extensive range of printing and design services to meet your every need.


In fact, as a one-stop printing and copy shop, we provide solutions for just about every single printing requirement you can think of.


Basic printing and copying 

Need to print a couple of pages on a flash drive, or photocopy some documents? We handle this for you quickly and conveniently.


Graphic design and printing services 

We offer full a design and print service for all your business needs, including logo and stationery design, as well as specialised branded and printed items such as brochures, flyers, diaries and calendars, to name a few.


One-stop print solution 

We offer a superb design, use the best, most innovative equipment and go above-and-beyond to give excellent customer service. With the entire design, printing and finishing process being handled by one company, our customers enjoy a hassle-free experience with less chance of anything going wrong.


High-speed, quality digital printing

Our top quality digital printing press offers fast, quality prints. Digital printing is the perfect solution for many of our customers’ needs as it is cost-effective with flawless results.


Litho printing

If required for certain jobs, we can print from our state of the art litho press. Litho printing gives the superior finish demanded by high-quality jobs. It can also be used for spot colours, spot laminates, foils and embossing.


If you are looking for a printing company in Sunninghill to handle all your printing requirements, from black-and-white copies to full-colour printing, we have the solution for you. Please get in touch with Minuteman Press, Sunninghill, for a printing quote.