Affordable label and sticker printing from Minuteman Press Silverton allows for extra creativity!

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Affordable label and sticker printing from Minuteman Press Silverton allows for extra creativity!

When you are investing in marketing your company, you’re going to need a wide range of promotional tools at hand. Fortunately, sticker and label printing from Silverton’s Minuteman Press offers you an affordable way to effectively supplement your marketing strategy. We also make available digital business card printing and catalogue design and printing.

Branded stickers are growing in popularity because they can be made to appeal to consumer lifestyles and entertainment in addition to promoting a brand. In fact, this viral appeal is one of the best reasons to invest in these promotional tools!

Become inspired with your company’s marketing ideas 

Here are some of the most effective uses of stickers and labels in advertising that will leave you feeling positive and motivated for your new project:


  1. Family stickers: You’ll have seen them on the back of cars, trailers and caravans as you drive through the streets, filling windscreens and panels with charming and funny cartoon families. It might be surprising to hear that this highly collectable set of stickers isn’t just a South African craze – it’s global! Available online and in stores, these stickers are reaching a diverse target market in a highly effective way – imagine how your brand can do the same?


  1. Folgers coffee manhole in the USA: This company placed a sticker image of a cup of coffee over manholes in Manhattan, with the steam rising from the manhole making the coffee appear fresh and hot! Alternative thinking like this is always high impact and entertaining!


  1. Pedigree dog food: Pedigree placed stickers in the image of a bowl of their dog food outside supermarkets and pet stores. By treating them with the scent of dog food, pets were immediately drawn to lick them – making a great advertisement for the company!


  1. Apple: When Apple launched the new iPod Hi-Fi, they placed a massive sticker over their shop front window that gave it the appearance of having been shattered by the new sound! Not only was this a great promotion for the new product, but it was also a very eye-catching statement that drew people close to the store.

Now that you’ve been inspired, you can see that there is no limit to what these promotional tools can achieve, from large statements to small, affordable collectibles. Contact us at Minuteman Press Silverton today and let us help you with your sticker and label printing!

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