Are all commercial printers the same? Why you should choose Minuteman Press in Edenvale

April 9, 2014 · Print This Article

Minuteman Press in Edenvale would like to debunk common misconceptions about professional printers. We often hear people saying that all print shops are the same and that price is the only thing you should consider.

It is said that it doesn’t matter where you go to have your business printing needs met, your documents will be printed using the same grade of paper and ink and basically the same equipment. So, you might as well go to the guy around the corner and not worry too much about finding an outlet of a reputable printing chain.

This is, of course, so far from the truth that it shouldn’t be called a myth, but for the sake of accuracy, a downright lie. You can’t go wrong to partner with a professional commercial printing service partner!

First and foremost, if the start-up around the corner isn’t a part of a reputable brand, chances are good that no one moderated whether or not he invested in the best and latest printing equipment. Chances are better that he invested in somewhat outdated, inefficient second hand equipment. Often, clients only realise that they received poor print quality after it is too late. They either have no time to go elsewhere or they have already spent their budget on poor quality work. Always make sure your professional printer is capable of delivering what you asked for.

Furthermore, because he isn’t a part of a chain, it isn’t possible for him to buy high quality printing ink and paper in such large volumes that he falls into a notable discount category. What this amounts to is one of two things: Either he is investing in high quality ink and paper but, to make ends meet, he has to charge you more than a chain store. The other – more likely – scenario is that he is buying low quality ink and paper to keep costs down. It is more likely that he will have to charge you more than a regular professional commercial printing service in order to keep his business going.

Getting the best service from printing equipment

You will also need to keep in mind that printing equipment needs to be serviced regularly. This will ensure that producing good quality prints won’t be a problem in future.

Minuteman Press in Edenvale is dedicated to bringing high quality printing. Contact us at Minuteman Press in Edenvale for all your printing needs.

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