Are rubber stamps passé?

February 1, 2014 · Print This Article

Many of us think that rubber stamps died out a long time ago. That they were very useful, yes, but then the computer age came about and now it’s probably only good for a spot in a museum or some dodgy ‘antique’ shop in a ‘dorpie’ in the Freestate. Or, perhaps, a nifty gift for one of those people who enjoy things like scrapbooking and like to embellish everything with little flowers or butterflies.

Not so. Rubber stamps actually still have a very important place in the business community. Before you angrily close this page and dismiss this as absolute hogwash, pause. Breathe. Consider this:

Remember the last time you had to pick up something from the drycleaners and you needed the slip back to prove to the taxman or your boss that you didn’t spend the money on a movie and a bag of Nik Naks? Remember there was this little device sitting on the counter, the lady or gentleman reached out her or his hand, took hold of said thingy, held it over your slip and pressed down? And lo and behold! Suddenly the words PAID appeared in nice friendly red letters. See? Rubber stamp in action and in a business. Who knew?

And it’s not only at the little drycleaners around the corner where rubber stamps are coming in handy. Although they are particularly useful for SMEs, they also still have a place in big businesses.

The honest truth is that a ‘paperless office’ is a fallacy. It’s not real – not yet, anyway. There are still mounds of documents that need to be sorted and approved, and there is no better or quicker way than just rubber stamping a document, in every sense of the word.

There are, of course, many more uses for rubber stamps in business. So why don’t you contact us at Minuteman Press Alberton to find out more about how they can be put to good use.

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