Avoid these mistakes when postcard printing

November 13, 2011 · Print This Article

Postcards are used for a number of reasons – tourism companies use them to market attractions; companies use them during advertising campaigns and many people use this printing method to create photo postcards, invitations, memo’s or other types of personalised prints.

While each postcard will have a different communication goal, it’s important to use the right design and printing principles throughout the job. Regardless of whether you are printing postcards for a large corporate company or for your mother, there are a few basic principles that should be followed to ensure your postcards look professional.

If you want your postcards to look great (without spending extra money or putting in tons of extra effort), make sure you avoid common postcard printing mistakes.

Mistakes to avoid

  • Size: It’s true that postcards don’t have to be the standard postcard size, but you might run into a few problems if you print your postcards in arbitrary sizes. If, for example, you are trying to get local stationary shops or grocery stores to stock your postcards, they might not be able to accommodate you if you print extra large postcards (because they have specific postcard racks and aisles where they sell the postcards – if your postcards don’t fit into the slots, they might not be willing to stock them). On the other hand, some people think that choosing small postcard sizes will help them save money. This could actually prohibit you from posting your postcard (if the address can’t be clearly written on the back) and you might not even have enough space to print your entire message on the front. Consider your distribution channels before deciding on different postcard sizes.
  • Text: The front of the postcard is supposed to give the reader a clear, easy to understand message, so don’t fill up the entire space with copy. Simple phrases and one-liners will work well.
  • Paper: While you don’t have to choose the most expensive printing paper in the store, you need to choose a type of paper that will last throughout the various distribution channels and handling that most postcards are subjected to. Ask your printing company for thick postcard printing paper and find out about the different finishes (such as shiny and matt) for your postcards.

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