Be sure to be well positioned for year-end invitations

November 30, 2015 · Print This Article

The year is in its final quarter and there will be plenty of year-end invitations flying around. Are you well positioned for these? Take advantage of the approaching festive season to make events invitation cards and merchandise.

Minuteman Press in Witbank has a range of solutions from design services to logo design services. It is time for you to design invitation cards that help strengthen your business’ brand.

What is the purpose of invitations?

There are many seasonal functions and events that you could exploit. Examples include the following:

  • Christmas holidays
  • Corporate end-year parties
  • Team building outings

When you send an invitation customized with a person’s name, you establish a warm relationship. In fact, you can have the person’s details such as name, photo and address decorated appropriately.

You can choose to send your invitation online or hand delivered, either way, let it have the ideal touch of good designers in Witbank. While your company logo design is important, the services you offer should appear somewhere on the invitation as well.

Paperless invitations

The digital age has brought innumerable benefits. And the design industry is one of the beneficiaries. While printing invitations is still relevant, anyone can invite friends and family to events over the Internet. The following are advantages of digital invitations:

  1. You can reach many people due to increased access to the Internet.
  2. You can easily customize the details of the addressee.
  3.  You can send invitations to many people within a short time.

Getting the best out of your invitations


While your business competitors are waiting to cash in on the end-year rush, start designing and distributing branded merchandise now. The advantage is that your company’s presence will be felt for longer. After all, there may not be enough time when the festive season kicks in.

Some examples of such merchandise include next year’s calendars, T-shirts, caps and arm bands. Alternatively, make the most use of tastefully decorated invitation cards.

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