Benefits of using colour copies for marketing

July 31, 2016 · Print This Article

Using colour copies as a marketing strategy will benefit your business by getting those extra clients in order to make your business boom.

Colour impacts our everyday lives and can change the way we see and feel about different things – including products and services. For example, it is more likely that a person will look at a colour copy of a leaflet rather than a black and white one. Printing companies such as Minuteman Press Witbank, know just how to use colour to attract people’s attention.

Colour in marketing – the benefits

  • Colour effects emotions, thus making a person feel a certain way when looking at a specific colour.
  • Using bright colours such as yellow, orange and red can create a sense of energy, making it a great colour to use when promoting or advertising a new product.
  • Lighter colours such as silver, lavender and grey create a peaceful atmosphere and can be used when promoting or advertising a spa in order to create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Gold and brown is an excellent colour when advertising something expensive, creating a uniqueness and elegance to the products.
  • Although colour copies are more expensive, it makes the words and pictures come alive on the page, creating a fun and engaging way to sell or advertise.

Whatever you want to advertise, promote or sell, Minuteman Press has an extensive range of products and services to make use of, including banners, posters, catalogues and booklets. Make sure to contact us at Minuteman Press Witbank to make colour copies do the talking for you!

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