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May 16, 2011 · Print This Article

Nothing impresses more than a truly exquisite, creative and impressively designed company brochure. While websites and social networking pages have taken precedence over brochure printing, online marketing hasn’t diminished its validity.

One of the advantages of brochure printing (as opposed to online marketing or mass marketing such as television and radio advertising) is its longevity. Long after you have passed on your brochure to a customer, will it hopefully be on their desktop or stuck on the fridge in their line of sight.

Another advantage of brochure printing over other marketing tools is the fact that it doesn’t interrupt the potential customer. Today’s consumers are so used to seeing billboards and listening to ads that few of these messages really penetrate. Instead of interrupting your customer, a brochure can be handed to him or her where they can choose to read it at a later stage. While other forms of marketing can’t be discarded, brochures should still be a very relevant part of your marketing mix.

There are many options to consider for your brochure printing job. There are a plethora of printing techniques and materials at your disposal when you partner with reliable brochure printers in Tyger Valley-Bellville. One could opt for a die cut, shaped brochure presenter or even a matt or gloss finished texture. Foiling, embossing and varnishes are also part and parcel of the many options one has on offer. Browse other company’s brochures for inspirational ideas and consult Minuteman Press in Tyger Valley-Bellville for the latest in printing techniques and materials.

Minuteman Press has many years of expertise and experience. They have an intimate knowledge of printing processes, materials and techniques that will enable you to get the most bang for your buck. Able to provide advice on paper, colours and even design, Minuteman press are the go-to-guys in the printing business. Trust the delicate needs of your brochure printing with the absolute experts.

For brochure printing in Tyger Valley-Bellville contact Minuteman Press

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