Building blocks of graphic design

March 30, 2012 · Print This Article

Great graphic design consists of skilfully blending colours, graphics and content. While graphic design may seem like a complex job, it actually boils down to applying three basic principles in new, unique ways. If you pay close attention to these three parts you will be producing professional projects all the time.

Graphic design is more popular than ever and the corporate world is beginning to realize that it is attention to detail which will give businesses the edge over the competition.

3 building blocks of graphic design

  • Typography: Typography can be defined as the art and technique of arranging content in order to make language visible. The arrangement of content involves the selection of line length, leading, typefaces, point size and involves tracking and kerning. It may sound simple enough but it is a true craft.
  • Visual Arts: Visual arts in the world of graphic design include digital sculpture, drawing, painting and more. If you want work that will stand out from the crowd you need to employ an artist who has a good understand of shapes, lines, colours and textures.
  • Page Layout: Page layout is the part of graphic design that is concerned with the style treatment and arrangements of all the design elements. It is vital in order to tie everything into a product which is visually appealing and professional.

If you use these building blocks correctly the sky is the limit. Create stunning catalogues, business cards and more.

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