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Brits is a developing town in South Africa’s North West province. Situated near Rustenburg and Hartbeespoort Dam, this area is one of the most important mining districts in the country. Over 94% of South Africa’s platinum comes from the Brits and Rustenburg district and the town has continued to grow and new businesses are popping up in the area on a weekly basis.

In the booming North West province, making a lasting impression is vital. If you want to portray an image of professionalism and hand out something that represents you and your company, make sure you’ve got the number of local business card printers in Brits so that they can create appealing business cards for your company!

If you are contacting business card printers in Brits, make sure you follow these three tips for successful business card design:

  • Make it memorable. Getting a creative business card design that sets you apart from your competitors doesn’t mean you have to let the professionalism slip. You can still have a crisp, clean design while incorporating something unique and creative that will help your prospective clients remember you by.
  • Don’t let people wonder what you have to offer. You may not have a lot of space to state your mission, vision and range of services, but make sure your business cards reflect the type of industry you are in and what you can offer.
  • Keep them neat. It’s of little use if you have a neat, crisp design, but the business cards are frumpy and bent. Keep them in a plastic business card holder so that they are crisp when you hand them out.

Minuteman Press is one of the leading business card printers in Brits. We’ve got the freshest designs, the quickest turnaround times and impeccable service.

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