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March 3, 2011 · Print This Article

If you have a business in Pinetown (or you are thinking about starting a business in the area), business cards are an essential networking tool. Business card printers in Pinetown, Minuteman Press, have come up with these two reasons why you still need business cards to network and promote a product, service or yourself in Pinetown:

  • People will take you seriously: Let’s face it – a business card isn’t exactly an expensive asset like a new MacBook or an Armani suite, but this little piece of cardboard can work wonders when it comes to making you look more professional. Picture this scenario: you’re at a networking session, a convention, or a meeting and a potential business contact or client hands you one of their business cards, but you don’t have one to give back. Chances are you will look like you didn’t prepare for the meeting or that you don’t actually have office stationary (which is like saying you aren’t ready to do business).
  • You don’t have to convince somebody to remember your details: You may have a flashy website and like giving people your company website URL, but this type of information goes in through the one ear and out through the other. Even if you spend a good 15 minutes talking to somebody, it’s difficult to remember names, numbers, addresses or URL-details from a casual conversation, so make sure you have business cards with this vital information printed on it!

Minuteman Press is one of the leading business card printers in Pinetown. If you’re looking for affordable printing services at competitive prices, give us a call!

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