Where To Source Professional Looking Business Cards With Rounded Corners

November 18, 2012 · Print This Article

There are many printing companies in Pinetown that produce professional looking business cards with rounded corners. Good design and a slick finish can really help an enterprise to stand out from the competition.

A well-designed, clearly printed card is a great way to advertise, but some businesses fail to impress when they get it wrong. It is important, therefore, to use the services of an experienced printing firm that specialises in this area. They can provide high quality imagery and photography that cleverly reflects the nature of the business.

Curved edges and a subtle matte laminate finish can add a distinctive professional appearance to any card. This ensures the card stays intact, and neat around the edges. If the card remains visually attractive it is less likely to get discarded from wallets and purses as rubbish.

Choosing what to print on the business card requires careful consideration. Contact details must be correct and stand out clearly. These alone, however, may not be enough to entice customers to get in touch. A sharp and snappy phrase encapsulating what a firm actually does will help to sell its services.

There is only a small space to work with so it is important to keep things simple. Sticking to basic fonts works best, complex Gothic scripts maybe okay for a signature, but essential details should be clear. Choose a font size that is large enough to read without straining, but allows enough space for all the necessary information without cramming it in.

For those wishing to source professional looking business cards with rounded corners an internet search is a good place to start. There are lots of web based printing firms that offer clients a variety of options for customizing the appearance of their card. The end result is a unique design that effectively showcases what a company has to offer.

For more information about business card printing in Pinetown, contact Minuteman Press today.

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