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December 1, 2012 · Print This Article

Deciding between double-sided and single-sided formats is an essential part of the business card printing process. To get the maximum benefit from your business cards, it is important that you choose the format that best suits your business needs.

While double-sided business cards have become increasingly common because of the additional space they provide for businesses to include more information, single-sided business cards may better suit your business needs. Double-sided business cards can be used to display company information one side, with the individual employee’s details on the other.

However, if you are self-employed, working as a freelancer of running your own small business, you may want to consider a singe-sided business card format. This allows you to cut down on the cost of your business cards and still include all the important information you want to convey on the printed side of your business cards.

The benefits of one-sided business card printing

Printing one-sided business cards also leaves the reverse side of the card open for you or your potential client to jot down important information. This will probably come in handy when networking at conferences and events, where people are inundated with business cards. Your business cards will stand out and be more memorable, because by you writing on them, you have already differentiated your cards from others that were simply exchanged.

You could use this space as a reminder of a meeting you have scheduled with the potential client, jotting down the time and place of the meeting. Alternatively, if you and the potential client have already had a detailed discussion about potentially working together, you can use this space to write down key points of the discussion. These will act as a reminder to the potential clients when he or she goes through her business cards.

To save money and make your business cards memorable, opt for single-sided business card printing. Get your business cards printed at Minuteman Press in Alberton to get the most out of your business cards.

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