Calendar and diary printing for businesses in Randburg

December 23, 2012 · Print This Article

Need information about calendar and diary printing in Randburg? Whether to track appointments, schedules or deadlines, printed calendars are indispensible for keeping a business, no matter the type or size, properly organised. Here is some of the things you need to know about printing calendars for businesses.

The calendar should be designed with the type of use in mind. If it is to be used to track deadlines in a design studio, for instance, leave space for information to be filled in on certain days. This should probably be a week-by-week, fairly large calendar.

A desk calendar is another type of calendar that has its place in the office. These are great for scribbling important upcoming dates and appointments without too much detail. These should also have a bit of space for writing notes, and should be one month per page.

Remember when having your calendar designed for print that it should be designed by someone trained in the field, so that it is done to best represent your company. If it’s aesthetically pleasing, it will be used, and will expose your brand to people every time. Well designed calendars also make for the perfect gifts, personal or corporate. Everyone needs them, so make sure it’s your brand they’re looking at each time they check a date or schedule a meeting.

Custom printed diaries are also a great way to maximise exposure of your brand, keep your staff organised and provide gifts for clients. A diary that looks great and is filled with helpful information like a list of public holidays is a keepsake that will be used for an entire year. This re-iterates the need for good design and clever incorporation of your company logo and identity.

To get your calendar printing for businesses, contact Minuteman Press in Randburg today.

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