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September 6, 2015 · Print This Article

If you are planning to do calendars for 2016, here are a few pointers that you may find useful:

  1. The most important point is timing. Especially if you are going to make use of pre-printed calendars with your company details over-printed. Current workload is already at 8 weeks turn-around time, so if you are planning on handing out calendars before 16 December, you should get your orders in before the middle of September.

If you go to this website you can see the stock of available calendars and deskpads for overprinting. Please have a first and second choice in case there is insufficient stock of a particular design.

  1. If you want us to print calendars in-house for you, using your own design, we can certainly do that for you. For A2 deskpads and calendars we will print litho, and that means you need a reasonable volume (500+) to get it at an affordable price for giving away.

Smaller volumes (as few as one!) will be printed digitally, but we are limited to a maximum size of A3. With digital printing you also have a shorter lead time, and can place your order later. Come and talk to us about the various formats, from hanging to table-top, that we can help you with.

  1. If you have used our online photo book design website, then you will have noticed that we also have a section for designing calendars, using your own photos. This is one of the most personal gifts that you can give. A calendar for a friend or family member with photographs of shared experiences…this cannot be bought in a supermarket or bookshop! Go to this site and build your personal calendar, for free:


We have been asked the question: “Why would you still do printed calendars in this day and age?”

If you are a business owner, calendars are still the most cost-effective form of marketing your business:

  • The average house has 7 calendars displayed around the house.
  • The average office has 2 calendars displayed on the walls, and one on each desk.
  • Calendars are visible and referred to more than once per day, every single work day at the office, and 365 days a year at home.
  • People use calendars as planners….they write on them, they draw lines from one date to the next (have you tried doing that in Microsoft Outlook?), they highlight important dates. They stick sticky notes on them. Some calendar formats allow you to see the whole year at a glance… and all this time your company name and contact details are part of what they are looking at.

As a private person, why would you give somebody a calendar?

Well, you would give it as a very unique, personal gift. You are not so much giving a calendar, as you are sharing special memories with somebody special. It is a gift that tells the recipient that they are somebody special. They are receiving a gift that was not bought off-the-shelf. It was made, by you, especially for them.

How can you beat that?

If you need help with calendars for 2016, or if you have any questions about what we can do to help you with calendars for 2016, please call us now on 011 678 8250, or pop in to the shop to see samples of what we can do for you.

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