Creative ideas for calendar and diary printing in Fourways

November 8, 2012 · Print This Article

Thinking of using calendar and diary printing to promote your business? Below are some great ideas to use this type of marketing. Calendar and diary printing is a great way to promote your business but it is important to focus on the tiny details to ensure that it stands out and leaves a real positive impression.

  • Logo: Your branding should be the first thing that a user notices and as such you need to give some serious thought to this aspect. It should be big enough so that it will be easily noticeable but not too big as this will put most users off. Use eye-catching design and colours while keeping it tasteful and bearing in mind what you’re the age, gender and status of your users will be.
  • Colours: Bring your official brand colours into the diary or calendar to familiarize users with your brand.
  • Contact information: Include your business contact details on the printed diary or calendar to ensure that customers have it at their fingertips. It’s shouldn’t detract from the functionality of the diary, but it should be easy to see.
  • Added value: Add even more value to the product by integrating useful information or advice into the printed diary or calendar like the significance of today’s date, famous quotes and so on. Choose a material that will be relevant to your company’s brand or products.

For some businesses it may seem that the market is impenetrable without huge capital investment there is still innovative yet simple ideas like dairy and calendar printing that helps you get the exposure that your business needs and deserves. Contact Minuteman Press in Fourways today.

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