Checklist for calendar and diary printing in Germiston

November 9, 2012 · Print This Article

Calendar and diary printing in Germiston is a great way to promote your business but many companies start such a printing campaign without making sure that that everything is organised properly.  We have created a checklist to help you print and distribute diaries and calendars that will earn you new customers without putting a dent in your marketing budget.

  • Preparation: Don’t rush into things without making sure that all the essentials are included in your marketing campaign. Rather delay your campaign by a week or two and make sure that it will have maximum impact.
  • Audience: Hopefully you have done your homework and are familiar with your customer profile. Just knowing who your customers are isn’t enough; you need to know what they like, where they hang out and what their spending habits are. If you have this information then you should incorporate these aspects into your diary or calendar printing campaign to ensure that it grabs the user’s attention and keep it. If your target audience is of a younger age group you could use more lively colouring and urban lingo whereas older people would prefer more conservative styling and grammar. 
  • Design and layout: To ensure that the products look and feel professional, employ an experienced graphic designer. The diary should be eye-catching, yet tasteful, innovative and usable. Make sure that members of your target audience will actually want to use the product before you start production or you will just waste a lot of money.
  • Branding: Is your company logo well designed and noticeable on the product so that it is obvious who is branding it yet not too invasive? Do some experimenting with size, colour and contrast beforehand to ensure that you get it right. After all, promoting your business is the point of this whole exercise. Have you added relevant contact information? Have you added more value to the products through features that can be connected to your business like quotes, advice or significant dates on the printed diary or calendar? Ask yourself what you can add to make it something that people will enjoy and use.
  • Distribution: Of course, having a perfectly designed diary or calendar isn’t useful if you are not distributing it in an equally innovative yet sensible way. If you know where your customers are likely to be you’ll be able to find a way to put the product in their hands.

Promoting your business with calendar and diary printing is great as long as you tick all the boxes. Contact Minuteman Press in Germiston today.

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