Can litho printing really be cheaper than digital printing? Minuteman Press Tygervalley Bellville explains

June 25, 2013 · Print This Article

When it comes to printing services in Bellville, litho printing remains one of the most popular and preferred printing methods available on the market. While digital printing is becoming a lot more advanced (with new machines and technologies coming into the market at a rapid pace), digital printing still cannot compete with the quality and efficiency of some litho printing techniques.

While digital printing is a great choice if you require the customisation of each print (such as business cards for your company) or if you need a small number of prints, litho printing still offers unmatched photo quality as well as costs benefits.

Slash your printing costs with litho prints

One of the reasons why so many companies and businesses choose to use litho printing is because it is one of the most affordable ways of printing. This is how litho printing saves you money:

  • Flexibility: Litho printing allows artists to create imaginative and creative effects. Things such as spot vanishing, embossing effects and using metallic inks are all possible when you choose to use litho printing. This type of creative freedom makes a product a lot more interesting and impressive.
  • Economy of scale benefits: The cost per print is much lower than the cost of digital prints, ensuring economy of scale – so you pay less per print as your print run increases in quantity.
  • Top Quality: Litho printing allows companies to produce about 100 000 prints for every printing plate prepared. The quality of each of these prints will be extremely high and will generally exceed the quality produced by normal digital prints. This means that you will actually be paying less per unit and receiving a better quality print.

Whether you’re interested in litho or digital printing services in Bellville, Minuteman Press Tygervalley can help you. Contact us for more information today.

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