Catalogue printing ideas

March 28, 2012 · Print This Article

When you examine the difference a well-designed catalogue can make for your business, you will see that it’s very important to stay clued up on new developments in the printing industry.

It used to be thought that people were more interested in the content of a catalogue as opposed to the appearance, but this could not be further from the truth. Vibrant colours stimulate interest by creating something that is visually pleasing and exciting and will therefore encourage your prospective buyer to stay intrigued and keep browsing through your pages. It also prevents your product and company coming across as dull and boring and can create a very professional image when used correctly.

Other modern catalogue printing ideas

  • Illustrations and images. There should be a healthy balance of images and illustrations in your catalogue design to help support your content. People in today’s society respond better to visuals than what they do to text, and your customer likes to see the product that they are investing in. Remember that South Africa has 11 official languages, so pictures are necessary to ensure that everyone understands what you are selling.
  • Inks. There are so many different ink options available nowadays that will allow you to create a catalogue that is unique and memorable. Amongst the various choices, one may consider neon print, glow in the dark, metallic or embossed.

Although many of these catalogue printing tips may be slightly pricier, you cannot put a price on customer interest and cooperation. If you succeed in drawing your client in and giving them an experience of your business that is unique, you will see startling results in your brand recognition and- most importantly- your sales.

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