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November 2, 2016 · Print This Article

As the saying goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words”, so it is extremely important that to choose the right graphics and images for your brand. When investing in any print marketing campaign, be it poster printing in Benoni, brochures for your Fourways families or large format printing for the entire Johannesburg population; keep in mind the following concepts during image selection:


The image must provide valuable information

If you are going to write about your product or service, you will choose your words carefully so that every sentence has a purpose and a message. The same can be said for selecting an image for your print marketing campaign.


The feeling the image conveys

Colour, background, facial expression and focal points, all evoke feelings in the viewer. That is why it is so important to critically evaluate your images through the eyes of your clients. When selecting images, ensure you get multiple opinions from a variety of people, particularly your ideal client. Ask your current clients about what they think. It is a great way of showing your clients that their opinions are valued.


Will they remember my image?

You can buy simple easy images or use the templates from your computer software but you run the risk of someone else using the same graphic content for their business. A great way to grab you clients’ attention is to consult a graphic designer or photographer and get your own images made. This way you have creative control in designing eye-catching pictures that are tailored to your brand. You also have the flexibility of incorporating your own products, logos and branding in the images.


Minuteman Press in Benoni is part of Minuteman Press South Africa and is one of the best printing companies in Benoni. We offer end-to-end print marketing and large format printing solutions, from graphic design services to black and white copies and full colour printing. For professional advice and competitive pricing for all your poster, brochure and catalogue needs contact us today.

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