Choosing between digital and litho printing? Consider this!

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Need to choose between digital and litho printing in Cape Town? Read these guidelines from Minuteman Press on how to choose the correct technique for your printing job:

Litho and digital printing are two different types of printing techniques and each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Litho printing offers extremely high quality prints and it is extremely flexible because it can be used on a wide range of surfaces, from paper and wood to cloth and CDs. For printing jobs that require volume in conjunction with high levels of quality, litho printing is the ideal option.

The lithographic printing method is also a suitable option if you are looking for a cost effective method of producing high volumes of prints at top quality as it qualifies for economies of scale.

Digital printing

With regard to digital printing, it is important to understand that this unique type of printing does not make use of printing plates. The majority of digital printing in general entails printing digital images onto paper from electronic files. Digital printing techniques are effective and efficient in terms of printing quickly and within a budget.

One of the advantages of digital printing is the fact that you are able to modify images with each individual print run, which is often needed for company business cards and invitations, for example.

Considerations when choosing the right technique for your printing job

There are various elements to take into consideration when deciding on the right technique for your printing job and these may include the following:

Ÿ  Print surface: The type of surface you need to print on will influence the type of printing technique that will get you the right result.

Ÿ  Costs and budget: Your printing budget will play a role in determining the printing method you choose. Are you okay with being charged per page or do you need a discount for printing in bulk?

Ÿ  Personalised prints: You need to determine if you are going to duplicate all your prints of if you need specific sections to be customised.

Ÿ  Colour options: Before choosing a printing technique to suit your needs, determine whether or not you need to make use of certain colours or colour schemes, as this may be an influencing factor in the printing method you choose.

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