Need to print high quality colour copies in Bedfordview?

March 4, 2014 · Print This Article

The quality of colour copies depends on the equipment used to make them. As any printing company in Bedfordview will tell you, good photocopiers make good copies and mediocre photocopiers make mediocre copies. It also needs to be pointed out that even good photocopiers will start making mediocre or bad copies if their service schedules are neglected. Apart from this, the quality of copies also depends on the type of ink used, and to a slightly lesser degree, by the type of paper the copy is printed on.

So, in summary, what is needed to make good quality colour photocopies is state of the art equipment that has been regularly serviced and high quality ink and paper.

These, one would think, should be the standards that are adhered to by businesses who offer copying services, but more often than not, at least one of these elements – if not all – are neglected for the sake of raising the profit margin. This, of course, won’t hold people back from claiming that they do adhere to these standards.

Order your colour prints in Bedfordview

A state of the art photocopier that is capable of producing a good quality colour copy of a document is expensive, which is the reason a lot of printing shops you know have invested in second hand equipment that has long ago become outdated but even in its prime it wasn’t able to produce the type of quality product that today’s machines can. These shops also only invest in so-so quality ink and paper, because they reason that, at the end of the day, paper is paper and ink is ink.

So where should you go to ensure you get high quality colour copies? The answer is Minuteman Press in Bedfordview. Our equipment is state of the art and regularly serviced. We also only use the highest quality grade when it comes to ink and paper. Best of all, we have unbeatable bulk discounts. Give us a call to find out more now.